SideWalk Café Reading with Italian American Writers Association/Reminder of L.J. Launch

Via invitation from the poet, Maria Lisella, author of the intriguing collection, Thieves in the Family (available through ), co-curator of readings through Italian American Writers Association, ( ) and journalist Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: a Memorial for a Defining Moment , I was excited to participate in a reading at SideWalk Café here in NYC this past Saturday night.

The Italian American Writers Association attracts gifted poets and writers who share reflections on their immigrant roots, family journeys, and political evolutions. You needn’t be of Italian heritage to participate in the welcoming reception and warm atmosphere at IAWA readings, which alternate weeks between SideWalk and Cornelia Street Cafés ( ). Anyone can join IAWA through their Web site (above) to be kept abreast of their events. In addition to featured authors, 5-minute open mike slots are usually available at IAWA readings.

Again, I invite all of you to celebrate the official launch of Love Justice this Saturday evening, April 18th, at Columbus Avenue Book Culture,(450 Columbus Avenue between W.81st and W.82nd Streets) at 7 P.M.  ( ).

Love goes out to all,



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